Weather you are just starting out or playing a sold-out theater, our promise to you is 100% satisfaction. We strive for excellence and want our clients to feel the same passion we do. Our workshop is equipped with world class equipment and ran by technicians with decades of experience. We stand by the quality of our work, so be sure to check out our testimonials below.


I've taken my vintage guitars to other places before, and Funburst staff are always friendly and professional. These people know what they talk about and have a real sense of wisdom. 

Paul 5 / 5

I thought my bass was just too far gone after it went missing in the ocean for a week... The technicians brought it back to life! It was an expensive job but ultimately way cheaper than a new bass. It's amazing what these guys can do. Would definitely recommend. 

Paul 4 / 5

My daughter's guitar teacher said her guitar needs new strings, I didn't know what I was doing so I brought it in and the staff took care of the rest! I was able to pick up the next day, just in time for school!

Jenny 5 / 5

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